Sunday, October 19, 2008

Recycling Day

Yesterday was a major recycle day in the City. Numerous volunteers offered their services by directing traffic, offering free snacks, recycling bags, and unloaded vehicles of all toxic household substances gathered by residents throughout the previous year. The lineup moved through the system quickly and efficiently. Kudos to all the volunteers and residents who participated in this important venture of protecting our environment.

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spadamchrist said...

“It’s great to have nearly fifteen hundred batteries out of backyards and sheds where they pose a huge environmental and safety hazard.” The donated batteries have been removed from the Service Centres and will be safely recycled. The parts will be used to make new batteries. About 96 per cent of each battery is recyclable and a staggering 8kg of lead is extracted from a single automotive battery during recycling.“The RAC estimates there could be about 40,000 old batteries discarded across WA, and we now hope to make the battery recycling day a regular event so we can recycle as many as possible,”

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