Friday, July 17, 2009

Penticton 4

Facing in a north easterly direction from the north shore of the city. Penticton is situated at the far end of the 90 mile long Okanagan Lake


Hilda said...

Those cliffs are fascinating — they look so even and smooth! Were they manually shaped?

Small City Scenes said...

I think you posted before I finished--??
Well if you are from the prairies before Kelowna you know what it was like. That day was in the high 90s but there was a small breeze and was nice and dry heat.
They had a nice wet Spring so in the coulees it was green.
Another good pic from you too. MB

Jacob said...

I'm surprised that the water is warm up there...I know in Minnesota the waters never warmed up much...we swam anyway, of course.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

That is one big rock. Looks solid like rocks look.

Talking about temperatures. It is a delightful 50s here and that is almost frigid for July. It is supposed to be hot and humid. It is great weather for the Air Show this weekend.

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